High vacuum pumps

High vacuum pumps: Essential tools for industry and science

High vacuum pumps: Essential tools for industry and science


High vacuum pumps are designed to efficiently remove air particles and gases from a closed volume to achieve and maintain a low-pressure range between 10^-3 and 10^-8 bar. This level of vacuum, known as high vacuum, is necessary in processes that require minimal molecular interactions, such as in electronics manufacturing where purity is of the utmost importance.

Applications of high vacuum pumps

Research and development

In research laboratories, high vacuum pumps are often used to create controlled environments where experiments can be conducted without interference from airborne contaminants or molecules. For example, high vacuum is invaluable in studying materials at the atomic level or when performing analyses with electron microscopes and other high-precision instruments.

Industrial applications

For the semiconductor industry, high vacuum is critical for manufacturing processes such as deposition and etching, where even the presence of the smallest particles can cause defects on silicon wafers. High vacuum pumps are also central to the manufacturing of solar panels, plasma cutting, and in metallurgical processes such as vacuum furnaces where metals are heated and melted under controlled atmospheric conditions.

Space and aerospace

High vacuum pumps play a crucial role in simulating space conditions to test satellites, spacecraft, and components used in the space and aerospace industries. Being able to replicate the almost vacuum-like state of space is essential to ensure that equipment will withstand the extreme conditions it will be exposed to.

Technical challenges and ,aintenance

Creating and maintaining a high vacuum is not without its technical challenges. To achieve these low pressure levels, careful sealing and maintenance of the pumps are required to prevent leaks and backflow, a phenomenon where gas re-enters the vacuum chamber. Regular maintenance, such as oil changes or cleaning of components, is necessary to ensure the pumps’ performance and lifespan.

High vacuum pumps

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High vacuum pumps are indispensable tools in many of the most cutting-edge technologies and processes driving today’s and tomorrow’s innovations. By understanding the function, potential, and maintenance of these pumps, companies and research institutes can effectively implement these critical components into their processes. With Advanced Vacuum as your partner, you can rest assured that you have the right support and equipment to achieve the highest standards in vacuum technology.